Pairing at the Wine Cellar

We here at Living the Sweet Life are excited to let you in on our latest pairing. We have joined forces with The Wine Cellar!  Located on the west corner of 15th street and Boulder street the Wine Cellar opened their doors earlier this month and features a wide selection of reasonably priced wines, a few beers, and delicious meets, cheeses, and desserts to accompany your drink of choice. The knowledgeable staff make choosing the right wine for you a sinch! 

We have been working with the staff at the Wine Cellar to provide the perfect tantalizing treats to enhance your experience.  Right now the desserts you'll find there are our creamy dark chocolate mousse, mini fruit tarts filled with rich pastry cream, and extra bittersweet chocolate and pistachio biscotti.  Perfect choices to pair with your red or white wine! 

So come get some delicious specialty treats while sharing a glass at the newest wine spot in Lo-Hi!

Break me off a piece of that candy bar!

Most everyone has a special place in their hearts for that special candy that sucks you in every time you see it.  Last month we had a blast putting together a retro candy bar for a tasting event here at the shop.  For our retro theme we got old fashioned pulled lollipops in swirling pink, white and yellow.  To add a little glitz we got white crystal rock candy and for the gentlemen we added some candy cigars!  Gum balls and select gummy candies also gave an easy nibbling option.  

The best part about the candy bar is that it's a fun way to incorporate not only your favorite candies but also wedding colors and themes.  Together we can put together rainbows of color or use our candy connections to find the perfect treats to play into your special day.  


Ice Cream Bar - Wedding Tasting

We are so very excited for this month's featured wedding tasting: The Ice Cream Bar.  Teaming up with us this month is the fabulous Little Man Ice Cream.  On the menu is full-on summertime fun with the most delicious Ice Cream Floats and Sundaes.  In true Living the Sweet Life form, we are going to feature old-fashioned soda, homemade toppings, sauces and sprinkles.

In addition to celebrating our brides and grooms - we are celebrating Erika's BIRTHDAY WEEK!  So we are opening up the complimentary event to ALL of our fans.  Come in and celebrate with us and maybe learn a few new things about the bakery while you are enjoying the treats. 

Tasting:  Thursday, June 10 from 5:30-7:00 pm.