Hot Dog!

Living the Sweet Life is more than just a bakery: We're a total sweet shoppe! We just received an order of retro candy for our candy bar, and the jars are now overflowing with all kinds of goodies. Some of the new arrivals include Hot Dog gum (remember those??? They're totally cute!), Good & Fruity (the name says it all), Candy Buttons (just pop 'em off the paper and eat), Candy Necklaces (all girls love these!), LemonHeads (a classic favorite), Pop Rocks (the ultimate fizzy sensation for your taste buds!) and adorable Haribo gummy frogs (that beg to leap into your mouth!). Some of these sweets are just too cute to eat, but we know that once you come in and grab a baggie full, you'll travel back to the days when you were a kid spilling all of your pennies on the candy counter to buy as many goodies as you could get! Who knew reminiscing could be so sweet?