Kristen Got Married!

That's right folks our own lovely shoppe girl Kristen tied the knot with her wonderful fiance (now hubby) Chris! Like Kristen the wedding was elegant and cute as a button.
Kristen and Chris wanted to share their love of sweets with their guests and ordered 10 cake combinations! Rather than traditional floral centerpieces, they chose to go a tastier route. Each table was decorated with its own 2 layer 7 inch cake!
Because Chris has lovingly nicknamed Kristen "Button" they wanted to make that a subtle part of their special day. The bride and groom cut a 3 layer white cake coated with vanilla buttercream and ornamented with an array of fondant buttons. In accordance each of their centerpiece cakes were decorated like different buttons from their cutting cake. Hope Duke (the couples adorable bull dog) got a little slice too!

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